Singapore Flyer

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The Singapore Flyer is a stunning 165m tall Ferris-wheel that graces the Singapore skyline.

A scenic spin on the Singapore Flyer can take you as high as 42 storeys' where you can even view landmarks up to 45 kilometers away and some parts of Malaysia and Indonesia on a clear day.

The Singapore Flyer is the largest in Asia and offers extraordinary views of the city. Besides being an observatory, it provides an unforgettable experience for tourists and locals alike.

You can witness extensive panoramic views by stepping into one of its 28 glass capsules that are fully-air conditioned, and you will be taken on a 30-minute journey of mesmerizing views of day and night.

From your capsule 165 meters above the ground, you can treat yourself to some historical landmarks and iconic monuments such as Marina Bay, Merlion Park, Empress Place, and the Singapore River.

Singapore Flyer

The best time to go for a spin on the Singapore flyer is during the evening as you will be able to catch a magnificent sunset and enjoy the illuminated views of the city's skyline.

However, we recommend that mornings are a great time to visit because the crowds are minimal. The tickets are economically priced and are even convenient for budget travelers.

Helpful Tips From Us

It is better to pre-purchase online tickets if you are looking to avoid the long queues at the ticket counter. Also, if you want to save money, book the combo deals as they are cheaper.

You can pre-purchased the ticket online securely and conveniently through

We recommended that you plan your day according to the exciting in-door attractions which will help you save time and see everything you want to.

If you're going to have the full experience, you can feast on the original Singaporean cuisine and drink cocktails and Champagne on the Singapore flyer's special in-flight packages.

The Singapore flyer offers the first full butler sky dining experience which consists of a four-course menu, individualized butler service, wine pairing options, and spectacular skyline views.

Singapore Flyer

Furthermore, there are some attractions on the second floor of the Singapore flyer terminal building which you can try. You can experience Singapore' first 6D motion ride at its XD Theatre or go to Flight Experience which allows you to fly the first real 737 simulators.

After the Singapore Flyer, savor the moment with an in-flight dining experience with Singapore Food Treats, a unique 1960s based restaurant that offers popular local specialties such as Hainanese chicken rice.

If you love contemporary dishes, you can try multiple Cantonese dishes at the Sky View Pavilion.

The Singapore Flyer is an effortless 30-minute journey which offers spectacular views of many parts of Singapore. There is ample time for you to take in the tranquility with some peaceful sights.

You can also take pictures of the scenic views. It is the perfect opportunity to experience breathtaking views of the several historical landmarks from a bird's eye view.

Besides the view, you can indulge in many of its new indoor facilities. Overall, the Singapore Flyer will provide a memorable ride that you can always look back on.

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Important Information of the Singapore Flyer

The Flyer begins operation from 8.30 am to the last trip at 10 pm, allows their guests to have a selection between a day view of Singapore's landmarks, or the night flight for the shimmering city lights.

Address: 30 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039803

Getting There By Train (MRT)
You can take the Circle Line train (MRT) and alight at Promenade Station (CC4/DT15) and take the Exit A. Cross the junction on your left when you are out and head straight to the Temasek Avenue.

Getting There By Public Buses
You may choose any of the following public buses: 56, 75, 77, 97, 171, 195, 960 and alight at the Marina Centre Bus Terminal, which is just 5 minutes walk away from the Flyer.

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