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What Is River Safari Singapore?

The fourth addition to the zoos in Singapore (Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park), River Safari is Asia’s first-ever river-themed aquarium and zoo and has been constructed over 30 acres in Mandai, Singapore.

This river park was officially opened on 28th February 2014 and has since been managed by ‘Wildlife Reserves Singapore.’

This new and innovative river park brought to life by Singapore hosts a total of about 5000 animals of 300 different species out of which 40 are endangered.

It is essential to mention here that under the ‘Wildlife Reserves Singapore,’ these animals are provided with everything they need to survive & thrive and handled with utmost care!

So, don’t hold any grudges against River Safari as you are assured that all species are entirely safe and sound under the supervision of the river-zoo authorities.

River Safari

Source: Wildlife Reserves Singapore 

The idea and central concept behind this park revolve around ‘bringing’ the experience of the world’s notable rivers-from Mississippi to Yangtze-to Singapore.

The park allows natives and foreigners to embark on a ‘world tour’ as they walk through these rivers and observe hundreds of marine and wildlife creatures along the way.

Each river area is cultured and structured in a fantastic way to mimic the actual river’s environmental and architectural specifications with boards providing detailed information to the visitors.

The trip to River Safari has boat trips and walking trails in store for all visitors.

The two boat trips are ‘Amazon River Quest’ & ‘River Safari Cruise.’

There are walking trails which will allow you to walk through and observe every river’s exhibit (except for the animal creatures seen during the Amazon River Quest).

Tips for Visiting River Safari

Visiting River Safari can be a fun-filled, recreational trip for you and your family. However, it is essential to go about visiting this aquatic-themed park smartly to ensure that throughout your journey, you enjoy yourselves.

Our team provides you with some tips that will enable you in achieving all of the above.

Plan a visit of an hour or two as this is more than enough for you and your companions to enjoy the safari trip without overexerting.

We hope that you admire all of the wildlife creatures and leave the park having fulfilled your touristy expectations!

Save yourself some valuable time and much-needed energy by purchasing tickets for the River Safari and its rides online. Pre-purchasing online will eliminate the need for you to waste time in queues at the park and allow you to get done with the trip according to your personalized schedule.

Much of the ‘seeing’ and ‘observing’ is done outdoors so make sure that you are prepared to handle the heat and humidity of Singapore’s weather conditions; carry a hat, sunscreen, umbrella, water, mosquito repellant, etcetera.

Don’t run ahead during the tour to avoid missing out on some fantastic animal might just be doing something kawaii (cute)!
Go as early as possible. During the morning hours, all animals are active, especially the adorable panda’s everyone loves dearly.

River Safari

Source: Wildlife Reserves Singapore 

The feeding session that conducted during the early hours is a delight to watch! Do not embark on the Amazon River Quest during midday when the sun is right above everyone’s heads! Most of the animals slack off during this period and curl themselves up in shadier areas.

What to Expect From Your River Safari Tour

The gleeful ‘wildlife’ experience at River Safari Singapore is a MUST for all those who visit Singapore as part of their holiday, especially for those who are traveling with children.

Let’s get into more details about what you will experience at this astonishing river park!

(Animals to ‘Look Out For’ At Each River) (Mississippi River)
(Alligator Snapping Turtle) (Mekong River)
(Elephant Trunk Snake) (Congo River)
(Tigerfish) (Yangtze River)
(Sturgeon) (Giant Pandas - Kai Kai & Jia Jia)
(Red Panda) (Amazon River)
(Piranhas Red-bellied) (Manatee)

Keep a lookout for these unique animals during your trail and make sure you have a good quality camera with you to take bright and beautiful pictures! Moreover, do give the information boards a read to educate yourself and your young children about different species of animals that are present there.

Panda Fever
The two Pandas at the Giant Panda Forest, Kai Kai, and Jia Jia can arguably be considered the highlight of every visitor’s trip to the River Safari Singapore. These giant pandas are incredibly adorable and two of the only 2000 Giant Pandas left in the world. In their lush green garden, they are accompanied by the ‘small’ Red Panda.

These pandas can be shy and of course, lazy and sleepy! You get to see them eating bamboo or walking about if you are lucky. Increase your chances of viewing and photographing these by going to River Safari as early as possible.

Once Upon a River Show
Although everyone who visits this park habitually succumbs to the panda fever, we would like to encourage you to not just focus on that. There are many other rare and exciting wildlife species inhabiting the park.

In addition to the Giant Pandas, you are introduced to, educated about and ‘mingled with’ (you can feed these animals) some of the rare species, such as White Pelican, Green Iguana, Hedgehog, Capybara, etcetera, during the show that is conducted by River Safari’s anchors.

Amazon River Quest
This 10-minute long immersive River Quest embarks boat riders on an adventure into the Wild Amazonia. During your river quest, you will have the opportunity of having your own experience of the world’s biggest tropical rainforest; the Amazon.

River Safari

Source: visitsingapore.com (Singapore Tourism Board)

Some of the most remarkable and unusual wildlife creatures from the Amazon, such as the maned wolf and jaguar, can be spotted up close during this boat ride. So, be attentive!!
Note: You can go on this quest twice on the same ticket if you haven’t exited!

Amazon Flooded Forest
You will be able to observe and watch through the humungous glass tanks in the Amazon Flooded Forest for Mana, and Manatees are giant marine creatures (gigantic, we must say!)

Accompanying these manatees are other giant marine creatures, such as stingrays. Watching these creatures, especially the Manatees, swim serenely and slowly in the crystal clear waters is undoubtedly a treat for the eyes!

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826

How To Get There:

Public Buses: 138, 927

MRT Train: Alight at Khatib MRT station (NS14) North-South Line, walk toward the Exit A Pick Up Point to board the Mandai Khatib Shuttle

(Check with the train station customer service if you need help on locating the shuttle bus pick up point)

You can pre-purchase the ticket online securely and conveniently through www.klook.com/en-SG/activity/124-singapore-river-safari-singapore

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