Gardens by the Bay: A Tourist’s Lush Escape

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The Gardens by the Bay are magical botanical gardens that can simply be considered one of the best tourist attractions in Singapore with a total of 250 acres of greenery

They appeal to almost everyone; those who like beautiful plant, trees & flowers arrangements and even those who are interested in admiring extraordinary architectural masterpieces and the smart use of technology.

This project was finished in 2012 by the ‘National Parks Board’ (Singapore) of with the aims of turning Singapore into a ‘city within a garden’ and adding value to the quality of human life with Mother Nature-trees, flowers, plants. 

Gardens by the Bay

This lovely nature park is located in the central region of Singapore, close to Marina Reservoir and comprises of three waterfronts: ‘Bay South Garden,’ ‘Bay Central Garden’ & ‘Bay East Garden.’ 

The Bay South Garden is the most significant part of the Gardens by the bay and is the one that sits right in the spotlight.

It attracts the most significant number of tourists from around the world because the famous Cloud Forest Dome, Flower Dome, and majestic Supertrees are all located here.  

The Bay East Garden comes second when it comes to size and is a picturesque green lung in Singapore which offers visitors exceptional views of the city’s skyline.

Then comes the Bay Central Garden which is a 3-kilometer boardwalk and serves as a link between the other two Bay Gardens, offering ‘walkers’ a splendid view of the city.


Tips for Visiting the Gardens by the Bays

Here are some useful tips from us, which will surely help you in preparing well for your trip to and through all three gardens by the bay in Singapore. 

The weather conditions in Singapore are generally very humid and usually ‘hot.’ Wear light & airy clothes, apply & carry sunscreen and wear hats & sunglasses to beat the heat.

If you have kids with you, you can let them ‘cool down’ in the two fantastic water parks present there. 

Hydration is critical here as much walking will be involved under the sun. Drink fluids and have something sweet now and then to keep yourself active. 

Do your research before visiting gardens by the bay to ensure that you know exactly where you are going and what you should do next. 

Pick out a day for visiting these gardens when you have ample time to dedicate to these lush green delights. Visiting all ‘best’ attractions here and enjoying your visit will most likely require that of you. 

Try booking tickets in advance and over the Internet.  

This will save you from the trouble of standing and waiting in long queues there and might even help you benefit from discounts, many online ticket-booking platforms offer that to their clients.

Make sure that you are doing your research and well-prepared before you set out to visit Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. These useful tips will most certainly assist you in making adequate preparations! 

What to Expect From Your Experience at Gardens by the Bay

We can guarantee you that your experience at Gardens by the bay will be memorable and remarkable! 

This touristy and appealing destination has several ‘cool’ and fantastic attractions, out of which we have handpicked the best ones for you to help you in having a joyful experience. 

Below are the ‘best’ attractions in Gardens by the bay! 

Cloud Forest 

This is a technologically operated dome. After entering the dome, the first thing you see, admire, and receive ‘coolness’ from is the giant 35-meter tall human-made waterfall (the tallest indoor waterfall in the world). 

Then there is a Cloud Walk which has been constructed to help you walk around and up the ‘Cloud Mountain.’ The view of the entire Cloud Forest that you get during the walk and from the top of the green mountain is just spectacular! 

Moreover, right at the top of this mountain is a ‘Lost World’ which is a dreamy exhibition of cloud-forest vegetation. From this spot, you are guaranteed a fantastic view of the SuperTree, other gardens, and Marina Bay! 

Another fun activity takes place in the Cloud Forest Theatre, where films are screened, which guide and teaches people about how we can contribute to the sustainability of our environment.  

Flower Dome

This dome is the largest (38 meters high) glass greenhouse in the whole world and replicates the Mediterranean climate to provide suitable growing conditions to the exotic plants grown there. 

The stunning flowers that bloom here ‘come’ from a number of different countries and are extremely beautiful, making this giant glass doom a perfect place for flower enthusiasts and nature photographers! 

The flower gardens are distributed into seven different zones, each with its theme. What’s even more amazing is the flower displays at this dome frequently change according to the changing seasons and local festivities! 

Modern European dishes and cuisine are available at a restaurant that is located inside the Flower Dome, Pollen, which is delicious. Eating at this restaurant provides diners with a beautiful view of Singapore Skyline and the Marina Bay as a bonus! 

 Gardens by the Bay

OCBC Skyway plus SuperTree Grove

The SuperTree Grove located in the Gardens by the Bay is a cluster of 12 magnificent Supertrees and features trees of heights between 25 and 50 meters. Well, that is magnificent.

These trees are designed to behave like ‘real trees’. 

They absorb sunlight to power their own several lights and collect rainwater which is used to cool the two Domes and even fill in fountains at the bay. 

Six of the SuperTrees in the grove are connected to each other via the OCBC Skyway to allow visitors to move in closer to these trees and observe & feel the 162,900 plants they are covered with. 

An exciting and eye-pleasing activity at the SuperTrees Grove is the renowned and famous light and sound show-the Garden Rhapsody. 

We highly recommend you to be there at 19:45 or 20:45 when this show is displayed. You will not be disappointed! 

During the show, these beautifully decorated SuperTrees light up and look AMAZING! The music that is played in the background adds value to this experience and makes one feel like they’re in a sci-fi movie. 

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