Budget Service Apartments in Singapore for a week

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Are you looking for a Budget Service Apartments in Singapore for a week for your short stay in Singapore? Our apartments serve as a perfect choice, where your needs for a beautiful and comfortable place is met.

We provide excellent services at our well set affordable serviced apartments which would surely exceed your expectations during your short period of stay.

Our fully equipped and furnished facilities include in addition to the other essential amenities, a BBQ, gymnasium, free parking, and a simple outdoor swimming pool.

Over the years, our apartments have enjoyed the presence of business executives, professionals, dignitaries and we have received satisfactory feedback.

We welcome you to Singapore and are optimistic that our apartment facilities, style, and services from our dedicated personnel would meet your needs and expectations.

Here’s the summary of the guide on Budget Service Apartments in Singapore for a week, written by our team.

  1. Reasons to stay in a serviced apartment over hotels.

  2. What is the difference between a hotel and a serviced apartment?

  3. Are serviced apartments legal in Singapore?

  4. What does serviced apartment mean?

  5. Is Airbnb Illegal in Singapore?
  6. The summary of the Mr David stay in Singapore



Best Budget service apartment in singapore for a week

Reasons to stay in a serviced apartment over hotels

We recommend those travelers who regularly feel homesick whenever they are traveling for work assignment or long holiday to book a serviced apartment instead of a hotel.

Serviced apartment provide the perfect "home away from home" experience, and tastefully furnished for travelers who desire a space of their own.

We would like to share with you one of our recent guest Experience staying in Thanksgiving Serviced Residence.

Mr. David is celebrating the 20th Wedding Anniversary with his wife in Singapore.

He usually books a hotel for his business trips and special events, but he decided to book a serviced apartment instead to celebrate this special event, even though they had never tried out a serviced apartment in the past.

It was a satisfied business partner of Mr. David who suggested our serviced apartment to him, and he determined to give it a try, however, he was adamant on checking the place out for himself.

On arrival to check out our facilities; Mr. David discovered that we offer free Wi-Fi access around the vicinity, fully equipped apartments with a functional kitchen, private bathroom with showers and hairdryer.

Mr. David began to get interested in our apartment due to the central location of the apartment as it is 8 minutes’ walk away from Fort Canning about 700m away and Somerset metro station.

Budget serviced apartment in Singapore for a week

You also have the convenience of having 24 hours fully operational supermarket just about 5 mins walk from the Thanksgiving Serviced Residence, fully stocked with fruits, groceries, meat, snacks to satisfy all your needs.

The popular attraction of Singapore such as Chinatown, Little India, Sentosa can be reached in less than 20 mins by Metro Train.

“We stayed at the thanksgiving serviced residence for a week in Singapore,” said Mr David who prefers to stay in places offering quality service.

Mr. David was thrilled with the apartment facilities and the huge room size of 400 sq ft (37.1 sqm) as compared to a hotel room.

Also, while staying in Thanksgiving Service Residence, you can find all the Asian food such as White bee hoon with big prawns, Popular Nasi Padang eatery, Chicken based broth with thin Hakata ramen noodles in Killnery Road, approximately 5 minutes walk away from the apartment.


What is the difference between a hotel and a serviced apartment?

The rooms are considerably larger, providing you more space to unwind or host guests, in privacy. You have the choice of doing your laundry and preparing your dinner yourself in a serviced apartment, rather than using the expensive hotel room service or dining out in the hotel cafe or restaurant.

Serviced Apartments are intended for a short stay or even extended stay of even a year. The rates are fixed on a daily, weekly, or a monthly basis for an extended stay.

There are usually different categories of accommodation, such as a studio apartment, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or an apartment with more bedrooms.

Are serviced apartments legal in Singapore?

A serviced apartment is only legal in Singapore when they have applied for the permission from the Urban Redevelopment Authority for a minimum of 7 days lease and are developed or operated under one ownership.

The URA place strict guidelines and appropriate measures on how the serviced apartments can be operated to safeguard the interest of the residents. Any strata subdivision of a Serviced Apartments is not permitted in Singapore.

What does serviced apartment mean?

A serviced apartment (commonly associated as an extended stay apartment) is a fully furnished apartment that providing amenities like a hotel, and they are available for a short-term or long-term stay.

Corporations often utilize serviced apartments to host their staff for an international work assignment, as most of them are furnished with full kitchens, in-room washers, and dryers.

Although serviced apartments are principally built and occupied by business people, they are also open to the tourist who is on vacation.

Is Airbnb Illegal in Singapore?

Technically, there are no regulations restricting guests from staying in any Airbnb properties in Singapore.

However, due to Singapore’s strict housing laws (as mentioned below), there is a risk of guests with confirmed bookings being turned away by building security or government official.

As of the latest official update on 30 June 2017, landlords of private residential are only allowed from leasing out their property for more than 3 continuous months.

Any lease period of fewer than three months will need to have official permission from the Urban Redevelopment Authority Government Board (URA) to do so.

The summary of the Mr David stay in Singapore

Day one:

Universal Studios Singapore is a must-visit attraction located within Sentosa Island.

Mr. David visited the Universal Studios featured with twenty-eight exciting rides and attractions, including a pair of dueling coasters brushing past one another in several near misses in their aerial display.

They enjoyed the exciting loops, breath-taking drops, sudden turns, and thrilling near-collisions. Dinosaurs, ogres, Egyptian mummies, and lemurs add to the thrills. Laughter and screams were heard all around leaving a lasting memory.

Day two:

Chinatown was the next visit for Mr. David during the second day in Singapore as he was a culture lover.

Chinatown is a combination of old meet new food offering and with historic temples such as Sri Mariamman Temple, a magnificent Hindu temple that is built by immigrants in 1827, and hip new bars and cool lifestyle shops.

Budget serviced apartments in Singapore for a week

Whether you’re a food enthusiast for national dish of a country or someone who loves fusion and experimentation, the diverse food offerings in Chinatown are sure to sate your appetite.

Day three:

They visited Little India in the third day of their stay in Singapore. Little India is a historic neighborhood that tells the best of Indian culture, from vibrant culture to incredible shopping experience.

As you walk down to the streets, explore their mix of Hindu and Chinese temples, fill your stomach with the delicious South Indian and North Indian national dishes such as the tandoori and roti prata (round pancakes).

Make sure you visit the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, one of oldest Hindu temples in Singapore that often worshipped by the Indian community to feel safe in a new foreign land, devoted to the goddess and destroyer of evil.

The Hindu temple and many people escaped the bombings unharmed during the air raids in World War II by the Japanese due to the protection of Kali's

Day four:

On the 4th day of the 20th wedding celebration with his wife in Singapore, Mr. David takes a stroll to the shopping paradise of Asia, Orchard road, which is 8 minutes walk away from Thanksgiving Serviced Residence.

"Orchard Road is not just for shopping, surprisingly, it has a wide variety of entertainment too such as bowling, flight simulators, game arcades, and climbing walls," said Mr. David as he is not a person who enjoys shopping.

For something a bit more cultural engagement, we recommend visiting the National Museum of Singapore, the Singapore Art Museum and Istana.

A perfect way to end the day was by checking out the beautiful and ancient old buildings on Emerald Hill Road.

These and many more remain some of the best attractions in Orchard Road and its surroundings. It is quite a thrilling sight to allow your sight feed on, whenever in Singapore.

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